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About is dedicated to bridging the Mac and Apple community. Providing an overview to the most important Mac and tech related news in one place, MacBlogz is passionate about making a positive contribution in the ever growing Apple and tech online community. allows users to browse the most recent, important and up to the minute news related to Apple and the hi-tech world from one carefully designed and highly organized website. It showcases top headlines from today's most respected Mac news sites while at the same time featuring its own unique brand of Mac news coverage, respected opinions and exclusive interviews with industry insiders. This community driven site attracts professionals, hobbyists, fans, enthusiasts, die-hard Apple loyalists, evangelists and plain tech enthusiasts, alike, who rely on MacBlogz to efficiently and effectively navigate the Mac community.

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Welcome to MacBlogz! Since launching the site in 2008, MacBlogz has rapidly grown into an internationally recognized brand. The site's content and unique approach to news aggregation has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, major technology publications such as Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Digg and Boing Boing (and countless more). Throughout the tech and Apple community, MacBlogz has grown into a well known and recognized name. Get in touch here.

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