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  • iPhone 6 Slow Motion Wine Pour
    Watch this beautiful footage, then think about how far we’ve come, so fast. The original iPhone’s camera didn’t even shoot video at all.
  • Six Colors
    And speaking of Jason Snell, this week he launched his new post-Macworld home: the perfectly named Six Colors. So good. Instant RSS subscription. The whole Macworld ...
  • ‘Orson Welles of the Genre’
    Also speaking of podcasts, Horace Dediu, Jason Snell, and yours truly were the guests on the latest episode of Moisés Chiullan’s Electric Shadow, talking about ...
  • The Rebound
    Speaking of nerdy tech podcasts, there’s a good new one: The Rebound, starring my pal John Moltz.  ★ 
  • ‘Twenty-One Thousand Words’
    New episode of The Talk Show, with special guest Rene Ritchie. Brought to you by: Hover: The best way to buy and manage domain names. Promo ...
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