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  • Amazon Dash Button
    Feels like Amazon meets Philip K. Dick: free little logo-branded dinguses Amazon will give you to stick around your house, and click when you need ...
  • Verizon Wireless Customers Can Now Opt Out of ‘Supercookies’
    Brian X. Chen, reporting for the NYT: “As the mobile advertising ecosystem evolves, and our advertising business grows, delivering solutions with best-in-class privacy protections remains our ...
  • Microsoft’s New Atom-Based $499 Surface 3
    Mary Jo Foley, reporting for ZDNet: The new Surface 3 is a 64-bit Intel Atom x7 (Cherry Trail)-based tablet that’s the new little sister to Microsoft’s ...
  • New Chrome OS Devices
    Clever idea: a $100 cigar-sized HDMI stick from ASUS — plug it into any HDMI display and you’ve got a Chrome OS computer.
  • Facebook ‘Tracks All Visitors, Breaching EU Law’
    Samuel Gibbs, reporting for The Guardian: The report, from researchers at the Centre of Interdisciplinary Law and ICT (ICRI) and the Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography ...
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