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  • Desk
    My thanks to John Saddington for sponsoring this week’s DF RSS feed to promote Desk, his blogging app for the Mac. Saddington has been ...
  • The Secret Life of Passwords
    Terrific feature by Ian Urbina for the NYT Magazine: Several years ago I began asking my friends and family to tell me their passwords. I had ...
  • Stewart Butterfield on Slack
    Stewart Butterfield, in an interview with Rachel Metz for MIT Technology Review: I try to instill this into the rest of the team but certainly I
  • Craig Hockenberry on WatchKit
    Craig Hockenberry: Bluetooth Low Energy must be really low power: the design of WKInterfaceObject means it’s going to be on a lot. Every interaction with the ...
  • NY Post: Amazon Planning an Ad-Based Streaming-Video Service
    Claire Atkinson, reporting for the NY Post: The e-commerce giant will roll out a new ad-supported streaming offering early next year that will be separate from ...
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