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  • ★ On Switching and Lock-In
    It’s a pipe dream to think that Apple Watch and Android Wear could be cross-platform without a drastic reduction in functionality, or to argue that ...
  • Vesper 2.004
    Dave Wiskus: There are a number of technical details that Brent can clarify, but the bottom line is that UITextView on iOS 7 had a
  • ‘I’ll Walk From Here’
    Speaking of Derek Jeter and his impending retirement, if this new spot from Gatorade doesn’t make you feel something, you’re not hooked up right.
  • 342,000 Swings Later, Derek Jeter Calls It a Career
    Fascinating data visualization from the New York Times. As Kottke wrote, “This is like Powers of Ten, but with Derek Jeter bat swings.” (Web ...
  • Apple Says iOS 8 Update Keeps Data Private, Even From the Police
    Brian X. Chen, writing for the NYT: “Unlike our competitors, Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data,” the company said on the ...
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